Thank you for celebrating Welcoming Week with us!

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Through events — virtual or in-person — around the world, local communities celebrate their diversity, advance inclusion, and bring people of different backgrounds around shared causes and interests.

This toolkit is intended for Welcoming America members, Welcoming Week partners, organizations, and individuals. It contains ideas, tools, resources, and guidance on participating in Welcoming Week. These recommendations are not meant to be prescriptive; communities should make Welcoming Week their own!

With Welcoming Week being a worldwide observance, we encourage global participants to check out toolkits created for communities celebrating in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

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Communications Tools

Logos and Visual Assets

Event Planning Guide

Events are the heart and soul of Welcoming Week. They build stronger communities by bringing together immigrant and non-immigrant residents, encouraging dialogue, and building connections between people who are different.

By hosting a Welcoming Week event, you are part of a growing movement of communities across the world who recognize that building welcoming communities makes us stronger.